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What is Allpar?

Allpar is a Web site set up for Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, DeSoto, Eagle, and Jeep owners and enthusiasts (along with those of related brands and companies). Content was contributed by a large variety of individuals (see some contributors).

The first iteration of the site started out in late 1994, under a generic URL. The site moved from host to host until 1998, when the name was finally purchased and established. Whether Allpar is in its 20th or its 15th year (in 2014), is a matter of debate.

Allpar has information on a huge variety of vehicles, and is not prejudiced towards any particular type of car. There's a section for offshore-only Mopars, one for squad cars and other fleets, another for racing, etc. Allpar is unspecialized, going back to the pre-Chrysler days and forward to 2014 and beyond. We get between 900,000 and 1,100,000 visitors per month.

Members in Need Fund

This is for the Allpar Members in Need fund, an informal collection point. Loans are rarely and periodically made to active members who suddenly find themselves in need, at the discretion of the Allpar Forums moderator team. The Members in Need Fund is not currently active.

Tenth Anniversary

allparWe’ve come a long way since 1994, when Allpar’s predecessor was first created. In those days, created the newsgroup and the Valiant and EEK mailing lists, and revelled in corrections and details from people like Bohdan Bodnar and Dan Stern (who still helps to fix our mistakes). Then there was the Daimler flume ride.

Allpar would not be anything close to what it is today, were it not for a dedicated group of people who wrote with encouragement, tech tips, and photos, who corrected mistakes and added detail, and who spread the word.

Allpar in print

  • Ray Wert featured a segment on Allpar in his New York Times story on automotive web sites.
  • Hemmings Motor News did a profile on Allpar in January 2010.
  • Business Week and the Rockford Register Star interviewed webmaster David Zatz in 2007 on the Chrysler sale. The Star came back for another quote in 2011 on the Hornet.
  • Automobile credited Allpar in their December 2007 feature on the L’il Red Express Truck. Allpar was quoted as a source by the Toledo Blade, Automotive News, Fox News online, and Detroit Free Press (such as this).
  • The official Chrysler blog and CNN Money have featured the 200,000 Mile Club.
  • A chain of Canadian newspapers including the Windsor Star used our material in print (though without credit) and on-line.
  • Allpar’s editor was interviewed by USA Today, the Detroit News, the New York Times, and the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph (as the webmaster of
  • Mopar Now! featured the world's quickest SOHC Neon — which boasted an logo, thanks to Howell Automotive.
  • At various times in the mid-2000s, Chrysler’s owner magazines quoted from or mentioned
  • Allpar’s original site (not named Allpar yet) was listed in the original “List of Useless Sites” in 1993 or 1994.
  • That's in addition to the auto blogs (e.g. Jalopnik, Autoblog, and TorqueNews) quoting back and forth...



Most of our advertising comes via Google AdSense; we don’t need to spend time on tracking and invoicing that way. Advertising is used to fund time off from what would normally be our regular job, as well as server rental, meet support, and other fees.

A Personal History of Allpar

(Adapted from Mopars in Motion; by David Zatz)

Allpar was started in late 1993 or 1994 at, later moving to, first seeing life as "Valiant's car pages" and focusing on the Valiant. The Sundance was soon added, since I owned one; then other models joined in, and other people started to write. Around that time, I also started the newsgroup and FAQ, which are both still around.

There are still traces of the original site on the Internet, including an article on “What’s New With NSCA Mosaic: September 1995,” a January 1995 e-mail message I sent, and a few links I'll apparently never be able to get updated.

From (the now-dead) (peak: 5,000 visitors/month), the site moved to and then to I then started a search for good web site names, because I never wanted to write to hundreds of people to update a link again. It had to start with an “A” because this was the age of the alphabetical Internet directory. We cleared “allpar” with Chrysler’s legal department around a year later.

Allpar caught the last bits of the Internet bubble, bringing in enough advertising for me to take two days a week off from work and still pay the bills. Then the advertising market fell to pieces, popup ads were everywhere, and DoubleClick started running ads that installed spyware on users’ computers, which meant we had to drop them or watch them like hawks. It looked like the end for a three-days-on-Allpar-and-two-on-my-career schedule.

Suddenly, Google rode in to the rescue.

Overture (née started the business of auctioning placement on various web sites; the floor for buying keywords was five cents per click (many customers paid over a dollar per click), but Webmasters were paid one penny per click, a flat rate... until Overture changed that rate to no pennies per click.

Google started up with a generous revenue share of (we think) 60% webmasters, 40% Google. That allowed us to drop those horrible popup ads that everyone hated, and let me take more time off from “work.” I can also pay for a dedicated server (somewhat more necessary as our readership hits a million viewers per month), and help others to take time off work and join in.

I actively invite people to participate and add material, and in fact there's no way I could have written the thousands of pages currently up on the site. I just don't have that range of knowledge. So I'm happy to edit and learn, and support those more and less knowledgeable than myself.


Allpar is not owned or affiliated with Chrysler or its Mopar Parts division. Allpar stands for "A Layman's List of Practical Auto Resources."

Allpar does not endorse any product or service. Most information has been sent in by our viewers; other information is from books, magazines, newspapers, and Chrysler press releases. Most material has not been completely verified. Any technical tips, performance hints, etc. are undertaken at the user's risk. Most have not been attempted by the Webmaster, who, after all, has only one car and not much time. Allpar is neither formally nor informally supported by or affiliated with Chrysler Corporation. Allpar is owned by Allpar, LLC, a limited liability company in the State of New Jersey.


Here are some of the awards we’ve won (these are the better ones - the “awards” phase of the Internet lasted from 1995 to about 1999.) Some of these used to be big deals - like Point, LookSmart, and Argus. Only one remains in existence and is still a big deal - the Open Directory. As far as we know, the others are all dead, though I could be wrong. (Note: most of the award logos were dropped from this page due to their total irrelevance.)

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